Because the CB Passive Income has been discontinued, this is a special bundle I've put together to continue serving you. However, please note that this special deal is only available for a LIMITED TIME - it can be REMOVED at anytime.

THERE IS NO OTHER OFFER AFTER THIS. No Funnel, No One Time Offer And No Upsell.

If you are here, it's very likely you've visited cbpassiveincome.com or it's other associated website such as cbpassiveincomeelite.com, cbpassiveinco.me, etc. 

CB Passive Income was born in 2013 to help others to achieve their goals of making money online – to date, we’ve helped over 2,892 people to get their ClickBank sales! Can you imagine that? :)

So after 8 years, my mission of helping thousands to achieve their goals has been accomplished. It was a lot of hard work, but I’m contented.  But it's now over...



But instead, I Want To Teach Them How To BUILD A DIGITAL BUSINESS instead.

You see, because the CB Passive Income is a "done-for-you" system, 90% of the components have already been built for the customers to start making money online with it. Thus, all they need to do is to USE IT. 

This why, it can be a "launchpad" for anyone to get started and then, they can go through the trainings to learn how to create their own offers and build their brands.

The challenge is, most became dependable on the system and they are no longer taking action to complete the training. This leads to stagnation for further growth.

The fact is, they can make SO MUCH MORE if they will "let go" the system to become independent.

Although I'll be losing thousands of dollars each month for not selling the CB Passive Income anymore, I'll still do it because I do not want my customers to be doing "biz opp" anymore - I want them to build a REAL DIGITAL BUSINESS that they can be proud of.


If you already have an existing online business, then I would like to congratulate you.

But if you haven't started anything substantial yet... or they are not delivering any good income for you, I would like to share the 3 ways HOW you can start your online digital business successfully. 

These are 3 of them which I've tested...

1. Affiliate Marketing

This is the simplest way to start a digital business simply because it doesn't require you to have your own product. You could be generating commissions for recommending other people's products online.

2. Live Class

If you have your own content, then the best way to get customers is by getting them to attend live classes that can be done over the internet.

3. Social Media, Mainly Facebook

The giant of social media is none other than Facebook and it is the platform that you can use to get leads and sales from all around the world! 

Today, you have the opportunity to master 3 of these ways by getting the Build Your Digital Business Bundle as per described below...

Component #1 Worth $297: 

The CB Super Affiliate Training 

"How You Could Be Making 12 Months of Affiliate Income In A Single Month Instead"

The first component is the CB Super Affiliate Training worth $297 (if you were to purchase this separately).

But this is not an ordinary affiliate marketing training, it's going to teach you how to become a top affiliate marketer so that you can earn 10X more for the same amount of effort put in.

In case you are new, let me do a quick brief of what affiliate marketing is…

Affiliate programs, also called Referral Programs, are essentially commission-based sales schemes. You recommend a site to your website visitors and pick up a percentage of any sales those visitors generate. This percentage of sales is as an affiliate commission. You benefit from the commission and the site benefits from the sales it wouldn’t otherwise have made if it wasn’t for you, as an affiliate marketer.

The good news is, CB Super Affiliate Training is suitable for newbies and also experienced marketers.

CB stands for ClickBank, which is a type of affiliate marketplace where you could find thousands of affiliate programs to promote in one website. But the strategies I'm revealing inside can be applied to any affiliate programs you want to promote!

Discover The 3 Pillars To Making 10X More Affiliate Commissions for Yourself, Each And Every Month...

To become a Super Affiliate, you must master the 3 components below. And when you get these right, you won't believe HOW EASY it is to make commissions to becoming rich.

Here they are...

  •  Building Your BRAND: Allowing you to have authority in your niche
  •  Building CUSTOMER LIST: So you're selling to hyper-responsive prospects
  •  Mastering FRESH TRAFFIC: How and where to get traffic

Build Your Brand And Authority

Fact is, if you know how to build your brand like I do, you'll instantly make 10X more sales. You don't believe so?

Let me give one simple example...

Who's your favourite motivation Guru?

Okay, let's say it's Les Brown, known as the world's #1 motivational speaker.


I think he'll get more sales than you with just one email to his fans. 

You could prepare massive bonuses, set up all kinds of marketing campaigns, preparing follow up emails, being smart with FB ads and the whole nine yards of affiliate marketing, but you'll likely "lose". Flat out.

That's the power of a BRAND. A brand allows you to be work "effortlessly."

It builds the trust for people to give you money.

By the way, I've seen Les Brown promote affiliate offers. This goes without saying; he crushed the rest of the affiliates, making them look so tiny like ants getting stomped.

Not that I want to brag, but I'm always a top affiliate in product launches because I HAVE A BRAND.

Build A Customer List (Buyer List)

Your favourite Guru teaches you to build a mailing list? Well, they miss out telling you to build A CUSTOMER LIST.

Imagine this - I build customers; you build freebie subscribers.

Whose list do you think is more responsive to buy products?

You see, the biggest part affiliate marketers missed out is...

They are so focused with making affiliate commissions, they never focus on building the most valuable asset of all - a CUSTOMER LIST. I call it, a "Buyer List."

Why I can become a super affiliate? I build new customers every day. PROSPECTS who "paid" to be on my list.

Don't you think they'll be more likely to read my emails and "proven" to buy again than the freebie seekers subscribers? 

I don't waste too much time with freeloaders.


Do you know most authors are broke?

Simply because they don't know about marketing. 

Well, in the internet world, you need to know how to get traffic. Without that, it's IMPOSSIBLE for you to make a single affiliate sale. 

Super Affiliates know how to get "traffic on demand." That's how they can always win the game.

But not just ordinary traffic. FRESH traffic.

Here's what I mean - assuming you're promoting product X as an affiliate to a prospect. 

If 10 other affiliates are also promoting product X to this same prospect, it will be tough for you to make the commission.

Work smart by targeting fresh prospects. 

The CB Super Affiliate Modular Training

There are a total of 5 modules, one module per week.

In each part, there are multiple trainings that will guide you through step-by-step.

Is This An Advanced Training?

Yes but it’s suitable for newbies and experienced marketers. 

Why? Because they’re STRATEGIES, not tutorials. I'm going to give you the secrets and strategies. If you’re a newbie, wouldn’t you want to get on the right path from day 1 so you can make 10x more?

And if you’re an experienced marketer, I can guarantee you’ll learn proven strategies you’ve never seen or heard before because these I’ve never shared with other marketers, until now.

Because of the size of the training, it'll be delivered and spread out over 5 weeks but if you like to finish all of them in 1 week, you can do so too.

In this POWERFUL training, you'll learn my secret of building your brand to become a "Guru" in your niche. 

With your authority, you'll be able to "command" your market, allowing you to get more affiliate sales and higher conversions.

The rookie affiliate builds list; the Super Affiliate builds customers. 

I’ll teach you how to acquire customers for your affiliate marketing business. In another word, how to build your “buyer list”, before you even start affiliate marketing.

I’ll share with you how and where I get most of my traffic – the REAL source. Most Gurus are too afraid to tell you because they’re worried you’ll beat them at their game. 

Next, I'll also share where you can get fresh traffic – prospects who are not overly-exposed to other affiliate’s promotions. Learn how to get traffic from different sources to get new prospects.

There are many other secret strategies I'll be revealing inside, here are the 5 modules accordingly...

 Module #1: The Super Affiliate Blueprint

 Module #2: Becoming An Authority In Your Niche

 Module #3: Build Your Buyer List

 Module #4: Mastering Fresh Traffic

 Module #5: Stealth Super Affiliate Marketing Strategies


Bonus #1: Content Secrets Bundle
Bonus #2: L1nk Tracker
Bonus #3: The CB Super Affiliate Templates

If you want to learn affiliate marketing for digital products, this is the training program for you.

Component #2 Worth $199: 

The One Class Away 5-Day Challenge 

"You Could Be Just 'One Class Away' To Build Your Online Digital Business!"

You see, all Internet Gurus are in the same business -- the Knowledge Business. 

Because selling information and knowledge is not only highly lucrative, it's an "evergreen" business that will still thrive, regardless of economic crisis or not.

It's low risk too. You don’t need to deal with inventory and shipping. And technically, you have ZERO product cost (100% profit margin) .

Best part is, if you are driven to succeed, you can start as quickly as next week and start making money from it.

But the truth is, there's a problem to starting this business.

First, creating a digital product or course is either too much work or it's too hard to do it.

Secondly, there are too many things to learn! Learning about salesletter copywriting, video salesletter, setting up funnels, putting upsells and many other crazy terms in this "eco-system".

Then lastly, if you have no expertise, no knowledge or no brand - it's going to be very difficult.

The good news is, you can overcome all of these obstacles easily today...



Instead of working so hard and wasting too much time learning stuff, just put up a "registration page" and a "thank you" page to give away free online classes!

And if you don’t have any expertise, knowledge or brand, no problem - you can simply invite guest speakers to share for free.

I use the same simple formula and gotten over 3,000 students and now, built a brand new 6 figure online business - while during the crisis!

"Join The One Class Away 5-Day Challenge and discover the EXACT blueprint of creating free classes to attract thousands of subscribers and customers"

Each day, for the next 5 days, you will go through training inside a private member area. On average, each day's training is about 1 hour of concentrated training.

After the training, you'll be given the instruction to complete the checklist!

Here are the 5-Day Challenge info:

DAY 1: Knowledge Business Monetization
DAY 2: The Content Formula
DAY 3: The 2-Page System
DAY 4: Launch And Automation
DAY 5: Free Traffic And Paid Ads

THIS IS A COMPREHENSIVE step-by-step program to help you launch your digital business by using the "One Class Away" strategy.


Bonus #1: Content Secrets Bundle
Bonus #2: L1nk Tracker
Bonus #3: The CB Super Affiliate Templates

Component #3 Worth $495: 

The Social Media Income Masterclass 

"How To Use Facebook Social Media To Get NEW Leads And Sales For You EVERY DAY - Even If You Are Just A One-Person Digital Business!"

So how do you use social media for marketing, branding and of course, making it profitable for your time and money invested?

Not long ago, I did a 2-day masterclass called the Social Media Income to a small group of clients.

The good news is, it was recorded and you can now GET THE RECORDINGS OF MY USD $1,000 MASTERCLASS TODAY!

Here's a short clip of the masterclass, so that you know how it looks like...

It's based on a system that I've implemented in my company and you'll see how exactly I'm doing it like clockwork to make money online.

The system is A.D.D - automation, development of content and distribution.

Whether you agree or not, there is so much noise in social media - so why most people are wasting time with social media or end up broke?

In short, they learn about social media to become "influencers". So they are taught about producing "good content" and giving it away to build a following.

But despite that being a very good advice, most people will be broke before they start seeing any result. 

The reason is, there is no money coming in when they first started and they will also be spending too much on ads to build their so-called followings. You see, many are still CLUELESS about how to do it in a way that they can track a positive ROI.

Sometimes, they give up just because it's way too much work to produce so much content and so many videos without getting any attention (and also not making any money).

This is why I'm so excited with my social media system that I've taught in the masterclass - it's not about being an influencer or buying ads, it's about A SYSTEM that you can use to attract local or worldwide audience and start selling with it!

This masterclass is not about social media marketing like you've heard about.

Should you do like Gary Vaynerchuk, with the concept of hustling every day and produce multiple content?

Or like Grant Cardone, larger than life kind of exposure? Including having "omnipresence". 

Don't get me wrong - I have huge respect for both of them but don't get delusion you can do anything like theirs if you are one person guy. 

Just so you know, Gary V has a team of 30 people to just produce the Gary V Content (after he created it).

You don't need 100K fans. Or even 10K. At that moment of me doing the masterclass, I'm only having about 4K fans to get sales on a daily basis.

You also don't need to spend a fortune on ads. For every ad that I'm spending, there's a proper system for it to generate the income back to me.

Lastly, you don't even need a team. If you don't want to hire anyone to help you, you can just do it all by yourself. I've tested to do it before hiring anyone to help out. Not hard at all.

In other word, this masterclass is about how to turn social media into a clockwork marketing system that you can use to attract new leads and customers!

The 10-Step A.D.D System

Here are the 10 steps taught in the 2-day masterclass strategically...

Step #1: Choose Your Platform
Step #2: Your Monetization Strategy
Step #3: Your Lead Capture Page
Step #4: Producing Your Video Content
Step #5: Your Content Promotion
Step #6: Build Your Audience And Followers
Step #7: Produce Content Offer
Step #8: Sytemizing Your Videos
Step #9: Content Repurpose Strategy
Step #10: Advance Tactics Integration

This is the most comprehensive system on how to launch a social media campaign - this is exactly the same system that we're charging clients $25K to create for them.

Heck, if you understand my system, you could even be using my system to charge clients on your own...


The second unique part of this masterclass is I focus on TURNING social media’s effort and ads spending into ROI. Generating income, not followers.

So, whenever I’m doing a social media campaign, there’s a strategy to get ROI. It’s a strategic approach or not being done for the sake of uploading a video and getting LIKES.

The Social Media Income Masterclass is not about teaching you how to get more fans or subscribers, but generating real profit for your business...

I believe, that’s a HUGE DIFFERENT where entrepreneurs, business owners and marketers would appreciate because they are not getting into the social media game to entertainment fans or to get “good feelings”. They want to build their BUSINESSES PROFITABLY.

I mean, fact is, countless of them have been burned by attending workshops, hiring agencies or going through courses after courses.

So when you get access to the recording of the masterclass today, you’ll actually see MY WORK so that you can MODEL IT.

This is NOT theory-based, but based on real life results. 




Here's a recap of what you'll be getting...

  • The CB Super Affiliate Training Worth $297: How to start a digital online business by becoming a top affiliate marketer
  • The One Class Away 5-Day Challenge Worth $199: Discover the EXACT blueprint of creating free classes to attract thousands of subscribers and customers
  • The Social Media Income 2-Day Masterclass Recordings Worth $495: How to use Facebook Social Media to get NEW leads and sales for you on a daily basis, even if you are just a one-person digital business

Today, Build An Online Digital Business That Makes Money And Also, You Can Be Proud Of.

I don't want you to be struggling on how to explain what you do to your friends and family. Or sometimes, even embarrassed to say. That happens when you are doing "biz opp" stuff.

Instead, I want to empower you with these 3 training programs where you'll be able to tell them proudly of what you are building - a digital business in the niche market that you choose yourself.

If you are passionate about fitness, you build a digital business in that niche.

If you are good at parenting, you help other mums and dads to raise obedient and smart children.

If you love personal growth, you use social media to generate income from that topic.

Let's not waste time with with "biz opp" stuff and get real to business.

Today, you get 3 training programs and you can access them for LIFETIME, with just one small investment. 

There Is NO OTHER OFFER after this purchase, there is NO ENDLESS FUNNEL. 


Instead of $991, you can get the 3 training programs to build your online digital business for just a one-time off investment of only $57 today.  BUT once you miss this offer, you may miss it permanently as this is a LIMITED OFFER.

Click the button below to secure your copy now.

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