"The Business Strategy To Getting Customers From All Around The World Is Here In This Book."
The World Is Your Market. Not Just In Malaysia.
If you're selling online but you're not selling to the people OUTSIDE of your own country, you are really losing out a huge market. LITERALLY.

I mean, one of the main purposes of why you're marketing on the Internet is to reach out and to tap into the global market, isn't it?

If you sell internationally... 

Every day, you can have your digital products sold in USD currency.
Because when we're sleeping, it's day time in another part of the world and our websites are always "working" 24/7. Technically, you'll get the best of "both worlds" when you go global.

Ponder that for a while - getting online sales whilst you sleep.

But if you're not getting a piece of the internet's wealth from the international market yet, it's not your fault.

The fact is, most local marketers and entrepreneurs are not able to break into the overseas market and earn in USD, so they are quite clueless of how to achieve this.

This is why I want to introduce you to read the International Player Book.

In it, I've also covered the concept of digital products and the idea on how you can create one.
Here are the 6 reasons to go International...
  • We cannot build a "24 hours" online business if we're only selling locally, because the business will not be working 24 hours anymore. But when you sell to the entire World, it becomes 24/7
  •  The information business buyers are MORE OUT THERE - not just here locally, they are all around the world
  •  It's just the ultimate leverage - If your website is already up and running, why limit its overall reach to just the local market?
  •  Selling your own information product becomes easy when you're already being labelled as an "international expert"
  •  For global market, you’ll be selling in USD currency for your product
  •  A global business is not affected by the local economy!
What is an International Player...
Throughout the years of Internet marketing, International Players have been named differently in different places – sometimes they are called "Gurus" or experts.

International Players not only get customers from all around the world by tapping on the unlimited global market, but by being known internationally and admired by others. 

When you become an International Player, you would have mastered the art and science of Internet marketing, where your market is now the World Wide Web.

It’s almost unbelievable – all it takes is just a computer and an Internet connection to start selling and marketing online, anywhere you like with no employees.

They don't necessarily have their own digital products too. As some of them are "influencers" and they can build an international business with just their followers and audiences.
Patric Chan, best-selling author of 3 physical books, international speaker in 12 countries and internet marketing pioneer
The first edition cover
You see, back in 2013, I wrote the book, the International Player and this was my 3rd physical book authored.

Once the book was done, unlike my other books, I just gave it to my book promoter and did nothing at my end. Yup, I didn't do any "book launch" and so forth... 

But it became one of the best-selling book in the local bookstore! 

Anyway, it wasn't published internationally is simply because I was only working with the local book promoter at that time and also, I didn't take the time to put it inside Amazon (I know, it's crazy what laziness can do to someone :-)).
I count my blessings for the freedom that I have, so right now, I have the time to focus on writing books.

At the same time, over the past years, so many things have changed.

The International Player was first written in 2013, thus, it needs to be heavily updated. We need to adapt towards the latest strategies and approach to building a profitable digital business - especially, when we are competing internationally.

Thus, I'm releasing the 2nd Edition for 2021.
Discover The 3 Phases to International Success In The Book...
Everything in business (or in life, for that matter) has phases. 

You would not be able to launch your business online without starting from phase 1, nor would you be able to travel to your destination without setting your route in place.

I believe there are THREE core phases that will take you to international success from where you are currently.

Master them well, and you’ll be on your way there. Here are the 3 phases...
Phase 1:
Getting Started
This is the most critical phase on the journey to international stardom. In this phase, learn about setting the right mindset and strategy, including how to begin on the right track.
Phase 2:
Sustain Your Business
This phase is about positioning in the market -- getting the foundations right and the support structure to launch into the international market. This is also the phase that most marketers and entrepreneurs missed, thus, challenged to have a business breakthrough.
Phase 3:
Your Business Growth
Now is the time to launch and grow the business! It is time to apply traffic tactics, test new things, launch a new product and all of the business strategies. This is the phase to bring your business to the next level.
"Is The International Player Book Suitable for Newbies or Experienced Marketers?"
For both.

Simply because it's not a tutorial book - it's a book that contains the strategies to build an international digital business on the internet.

If you are a newbie, you would probably wants to get started on the right strategies and for an experienced marketer, you are likely going to start applying what you're going to learn inside this book.

Here's a sneak peak at what to discover inside of this 2nd edition book for 2021...
  •  The 2 proven methods to create an information product for a beginner
  •  What is the real problem that’s preventing someone to launch his or her international online business
  •  The “Google Story” lesson of getting started right 
  •  Why profitable niche markets may not be profitable for you 
  •  What is your key focus during the "sustaining" phase 
  •  How Microsoft built the Xbox game console business to compete with Sony PlayStation
  •  How to build the most powerful asset online (not just your mailing list) 
  •  The secret to getting endorsement from international experts – how I get testimonials from public figures, including a billionaire
  •  What are the 3 types of products that can be turned into irresistible offers to sell
  • ​The real reason how I became an "International Player" and it has nothing to do with being a marketing expert or having any network, you could do it too
  • ​Discover the concept of replicating Growth-Level Competitors
  • ​Do you know the real factors that are preventing someone from starting
  • ​The overlooked advantage of social media networks - instead of just being a traffic source, how they can be used to help you to build an international presence
  • ​How I position myself to be the #1 internet marketing pioneer in Malaysia, without even promoting it
  • Any many more...
"Order The Book Today To Get Free Shipping And 4 Exclusive Bonuses Worth $695 Today!"
The book is now available and you can order it from this official website to GET MANY FREE BENEFITS.

You see, the reason why I stopped selling my book in the bookstore is because it's "too slow".

Let me explain:

To publish a book and have it available in the bookstore, it requires many procedures. 

Secondly, it's very troublesome to update the content of a book, if you don't print it yourself.

So instead of selling it through the bookstores, I'll just sell it from my own website.

That's the reason why I am giving these benefits for ordering here...
  •  DISCOUNTED PRICE - you'll at least get more discount because we remove the "middle person"
  • FREE SHIPPING - I'll ship it to you for free locally (any shipping address in Malaysia)
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        Having been in the online publishing business since 2004 and having published for the top authors in the health/wellness, financial & relationship niches, it was some of Patric’s earlier ideas that was key in bridging our business passed 7-figures. 

        I have been an avid follower of Patric’s role in helping to nurture, shape & guide entrepreneurs to succeed on the Internet throughout the years. His passion for the business & commitment to see his students succeed is unprecedented. Coupled with his vision & tact for capitalizing on emerging trends/markets – that is what makes him a true pioneer & role model for entrepreneurs everywhere.

        Simon Heong
        I attended Patric’s workshop back in 2006. Since then, lives changed. I am able to run my own company, hire people, create jobs, touch and change people’s lives and directly influenced more than 50,000 people with our product and services. Patric’s training and leadership is practical and result driven.

        Daniel Tan, MarketersMedia.com
        Over the years, I have kept in close contact with him as a role model and I can proudly say that as a fellow malaysian, he has done the nation proud by being one of the top internet marketers in the world; constantly pioneering new concepts in the online digital space.

        David Kwan

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        Bonus #1: The Digital e-Com Workshop Recording Worth USD $199
        Previously, I did a live 2-day workshop where I gave my best information and also shared my digital e-Commerce blueprint - how I built my digital business to generate millions.

        But because not everyone can attend the $297 live workshop in Malaysia, I did a 2-hour training for my online customers to teach them the entire blueprint and the strategies.

        So if anyone hasn't got started with the digital business yet, this course would be ideal and if someone is already in the business, there are plenty of marketing methods and ideas to pick inside it!
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        To go international, we need targeted and high quality traffic.

        But I want you to train you to become a "traffic expert" for long-term, thus, I'm giving you entire traffic blueprint, beyond the International Player book.

        This training is important so that you will not be "stuck" in the newbie mentality when it comes to traffic. For instance, a newbie will try to get traffic from as many source as possible, where else, the non-newbies and experts will just focus on 3 – 5 core traffic methods. 

        It's about getting good at particular traffic strategies and to achieve that, you need to learn Strategic Traffic.
        Bonus #3: Three New Video Chapters Worth USD $78
        In this bonus, you'll get access to 3 videos I've recorded for 3 chapters in the book for 2nd edition. 

        * New "chapter" on the Start Phase
        * how to uncover product creation ideas that are unique and potential to be a success.
        • New "chapter" on approaching the Start Phase to leapfrog
        • New "chapter" on how to uncover product creation ideas that are unique and potential to be a success
        • Expanded chapter on the "Triad Component" that's taught in the book
        Bonus #4: The International Player Virtual Class Recording Worth USD $199
        When you order a copy of my new International Player book, I’m going to give you almost 2 hours of the International Player Virtual Class Recording that you can start watching now, while you wait for your book to be ready. This was previously conducted as a live training for my paid customers.

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        I mean, not to be insensitive, what asset and knowledge can you possibly obtain for just $7.60 today? 

        If you're someone who drink Starbucks coffee, you'll know that it can't even pay for 2 cups of latte coffee or ice blended.

        If you are ready to go international, whether you've started an internet business yet or not, the best decision is probably to reserve a copy so that you'll receive it in the mail in less than 7 working days...
        To your international success,

        Patric Chan

        Best-Selling Author of 3 Books & International Speaker of 12 Countries
        P.S: Here are some common Q and A's...
        Is This Just For Digital Business?
        The strategies can be applied into any other online business too, regardless if you are selling services, physical products or software. But because my core business is DIGITAL BUSINESS, thus, the examples are given are based on that. After all, the book's content is based on real life experience and case studies. 
        Is The International Player Book for Newbies or Experienced Marketers?
        For both. Simply because it's not a tutorial book - it's a book that contains the strategies to build an international digital business on the internet. If you are a newbie, you would probably wants to get started on the right strategies and for an experienced marketer, you are likely going to start applying what you're going to learn inside this book.
        Do You Sell Digital Copy?
        We do have the digital version, it's in the format of a flipbook. This upgrade is presented at the checkout page.
        Is There A Money Back Guarantee?
        Well, there's actually no money back but if you truly wish to ask for money back towards the book, you can request and I'll honor it. Just ship back the book to us in good condition, you can do this at anytime you want, even years from now. 
        Can I Buy This In A Local Bookstore Instead?
        Currently, I'm not releasing the book via the conventional method. The official webpage to get it is at www.theinternationalplayer.com to get a genuine copy. 
        Why Are You Selling It So Cheap, Obviously You Can't Make Money
        Because right now, I don't need to pay 40% to book promoters or even up to 90% with a publisher! I know, it's insane, right? Furthermore, with a typical "sell in bookstore" approach, they'll only send me the cheques twice a year. But right now, when I'm selling on my own, I get paid before shipping the book out, thus, it gives me cashflow. So now, I get to keep the 40% profit (instead of giving to "middle man").
        Are You Really An International Player?
        It's really healthy to ask this, after all, there are so many fake Gurus out there today. Here are some of my international credibilities...
        • Spoken in 12 countries as an authority of internet marketing including the United States, United Kingdom, China and others
        • Authored multiple Amazon bestsellers that have been sold in the U.S and overseas
        • Co-author of Clicking Cash with New York Times best-selling author, Robert G. Allen
        • ​ClickBank Platinum for 7 years in a row
        • ​Customers from all around the world
        • ​Testimonials from many other international top Gurus and experts, here's one from Russell Brunson...
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