Patric’s Real Story

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Patric’s Real Story


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I can still remember my dad saying…

“Why don’t he get a real job?”

He was referring to me. It was 2003 and I was “self-employed” –  doing my own stuff which my dad didn’t have a clue about.

“Do you know what he’s doing?” Asked my dad to my mum. Mum didn’t have a clue either but she believed in me. More of that later on.

You see, I can’t blame Dad for thinking like that at all. Dad’s been driving taxi for over 10 years now. He’s a hard-working blue collar worker – Wakes up in the morning, has a good breakfast (Butter and bread) at home and off he goes driving to bring back the money for the family.

Every single day he works… 7 days a week.

There’s no such thing as a day off unless the family is having some sort of outing or, if he’s sick. Driving taxi may look easy to most people.

I mean, how tough could it be to focus on the road with all of the God given senses?

But try driving for 8 hours a day… 365 days — and multiply that by 10 years? And you don’t get to meet nice passengers every day, my friend.

I respect my Dad. I just don’t know how to tell him that I love him.

Guess you can tell… Dad’s income is hard-earned money. Man, the sacrifices he has made for the family, I don’t think words alone can describe.

Each trip, he earns a few bucks. He’ll have to collect dozens of those each week to reach a few thousand a month so that he can provide a better life for his family.

And Dad’s a frugal person too. Not because he is a cheapskate, but because money is hard to come by. I mean, if you earn a few dollars each time you complete a task, I’ll bet that you’ll see money differently. I know I would.

Like any parent, I think Dad’s ideal hope is that his children will get a good education and end up with a good job. I mean, career.

I got a good education at school, no doubt about that. But unfortunately, I wasn’t cut to be one of those smart kids.

Smart kids in school give a certain kind of look… You know, the look that says, “Look at that bummer. Wonder what he’s gonna end up doing after school.” I flunked.

I was not accepted to any public Universities to further my education because of my low grades. Dreams shattered into pieces.

The next choice was private college. But if you were me… would you take your Dad’s hard-earned money gained from driving in the hot sun to pay the darn college fee?

That’s tough. Mum wanted to give me her life savings if I need money to go for college. She’s a housewife and doesn’t have an income. Forget it. That’s even worse.

So I have to work – But the problem is, I can’t get a good job because I’m not qualified, academically.

You see, in order for me to be qualified for most of the jobs that I want, I am not able to pass the first stage because most companies look at the damn paper first to evaluate me. No diploma or degree. Not even a certificate. Better luck next time, bucko.

Getting a job wasn’t easy. So I ended up as a salesperson. I get paid when I sell. That’s it. The harder I sell, the more money I make. I ended up becoming a very HARDWORKING salesperson for money.

Well, that’s good and bad depending on which angle you’re looking at. That was my JOB.

To cut the story short, I was in the sales line for almost two years before I stepped out to do my own thing. The products I’ve sold ranged from door-to-door greeting cards to electronic components for corporate clients.

Then one fine day, I felt like quitting my job. I’d had it. I would take at least “10 Sunday Email” blog posts to write how I ended up finding my own way. In a nutshell, I started out on my own entrepreneurial path, alone. The only thing backing me up that time was… me.

Don’t laugh when I say this — I had have this strong desire to achieve more in life.

If you read this post completely, I’ll tell you the reason, ok? So stay with me.

Imagine, being alone and running like a madman to make money. You know, when you’re over optimistic, it just ain’t ‘healthy’.

Don’t you feel that the environment and community combine to ‘help’ you become normal like everybody else instead of being the success you were destined to be?

I know it’s strange but try telling your friends that you want to make money from the Internet. Mum and Dad weren’t at all excited. I mean, how could they be?

My relationship with Dad was strained since the day I quit my “good” job. I think, he was disappointed and confused about how stupid I was. And I can see his point of view now, but not at that time. I was slightly disappointed with him for not standing on my side.

Even my ex-girlfriend’s parents were surprised at that time. They thought their daughter’s future was going to be a deep struggle coz I didn’t have a job anymore.

Most of my friends (Except for the super close ones) started to avoid me because they didn’t see any benefit mixing with a ‘loser’. I didn’t have much support after that.

And they were RIGHT. I messed up.

Should have stuck with a good job.

And I hadn’t discovered the Internet businesses yet. I tried multi- level marketing, a printing business, marketing seminars, etc. Things were good in the beginning and then they started to fall apart without proper planning.

That is when I turned to the internet to sort out my financial disaster. Kiss goodbye to weekends. My new best pal for the weekends was non other than Mr. Computer. I’d even sneak to do my internet stuff when working in the daytime.

And do you think I made money after all of these sacrifices?

Nope. I didn’t get it. All of the courses that I was reading at that time told me that it was easy. These marketers had probably never made a single red cent online before other than selling courses to innocent people like me.

I can still remember buying a “Blaster”. The  membership claimed that I’d be able to send my advertising message to 100,000 subscribers with a click of a button. When I went to sleep that night after hitting the “Send” button, I closed my eyes with a pleasant smile on my face… expecting to make money by tomorrow morning. That was a nice feeling. The hope. Wow. Ha!

You know happened, don’t you? NOT EVEN ONE VISITOR from that promotion. Dammit.

Why did they lie to me????? I’d paid my $29.95 and the salesletter said my promotion would be sent out to 100,000 people.

I then realized that I was not alone.

Thousands of people paid for a ‘hope’ that could never be achieved.

Until today, I still don’t get it why people still sell this kind of ’software’ when they know it’s not working?

I guess money is a good reason to do almost anything online for some marketers … but for God’s sake, sell something that works!

Failure after failure, but I would not give up.

I was so close that I could  ‘taste’ it, only in my dreams of course. It took me at least 6 months to get my first sale. It was tiring. But I just kept on striving.

Call it whatever you want — an ambition, a goal, etc. During that time, no one knew the deep s#@t I was in except for my mum.

She was always there for me, morally or financially. Sometimes, she was worried about me because she was afraid that I didn’t know what to do with my life. I tried to explain to her but how in the world could I expect her to know what an “optin” list was. Thanks for hanging in there for me, Mum. You’re the best!

Dad? It’s sad but I can’t tell my Dad. Dad will always think… “See? I told you so but you wouldn’t listen.”

Until today, Dad still doesn’t know what I do but he’s cool now because I’ve brought in results that he can see. House. Car. Watch. Holidays. You know. The struggle I’ve been through was not easy but I can tell you this — it’s WORTH IT.

Am I successful?

Compared to a few years ago, yeah.

Every day, I can go to sleep with my eyes shut with a smile on my face for a better tomorrow. But other than that, I think I’m just scratching the surface.

There are many messages I want to pass to you from my sharing today. You’ll read all kind of salesletters online selling to you a “hope”.

Marketers do that all of the time and I highly recommend you to do that as well when you’re selling something online one day (or now).

*Marketing tip: Sell the hope, not the product. But if you’re not ready for the tough times, don’t bother to buy it. Please don’t for your benefit and that of the marketers.

I like to think all marketers are good people – Selling to you products so that you can improve yourself. But hey, you gotta think for yourself that it’s gonna required your time and effort TO DO IT. It’s going to require you to SACRIFICE. What are the sacrifices?

I don’t know! It could be turning off your TV or playing less with your kids.

I hate it when I throw cold water on you like this.

It doesn’t make you like me. But if I want to help you, I have no choice but do it. I’m sorry. I don’t want to sell you a hope that cannot be achieved but a hope that can come true.

If a marketer tells you to buy his course and without doing anything and you’ll make money online, I think he’s a liar.

Lucky for him, he’ll probably get away with it because that’s what all people want to hear. Just like the “Blaster” I bought. So this leads me to the million-dollar question… “What will move you to do this?”

A purpose.

I’ve taught thousands of students to make money online. A student attended my internet marketing workshop with a passion. So I asked him, “What’s your purpose in learning how to make money online?”

He told me that… His mum is getting older every day. He loves her a lot.

I could see this in his eyes when he was sharing with me. But with his current job, there was no way he could be at home with her.

He wanted to build an internet business because of a very powerful purpose – To stay at home with his mum and have the ability to decide his own hours. Today, he’s making money online fulltime and he quit his job. Is that strong enough? It’s MOVING.

Here’s another interesting story… Let’s call this guy, A. A has a rich dad.

But he’s sick and tired of being treated like someone who gained respect because of his dad’s wealth. Look, having a rich dad is a blessing.

But, if everyone is treating you nicely because of your dad, that sucks.

There’s only one purpose why A wants to start an online business – and I doubt it’s because he needs money.

He has a strong purpose which is to prove to the world that HE “CHAN” DO IT.

He doesn’t need his dad’s money or influence to be a successful person. And guess what? He made money online too.

The last time I heard, he’s succeeding at 3 niches on the internet now. The best part is, he’s only 23 years old. A, if you’re reading this, I want to tell you that I’m very impressed with your attitude to be on your own and I’m proud of you.

For me, I have a purpose too. A desire to go all out and create my own wealth.

I want to be rich, yada, yada, yada. You know, the normal reasons why everyone in the world strives to achieve what they want. But I think, what really DROVE me was “revenge”.

Ok, perhaps revenge is too harsh a word. It was a desire to prove to those who looked down on me and assumed that I wasn’t capable of becoming successfully. I know, it sounds ‘evil’. But I don’t think it is if you’re seeing it from my point of view.

You see, during my schooling, I just hated the feeling from the teachers and the other students that I’d be a loser when I grew up. Hate it. It’s hurtful.

Heck, I can still remember one of the school teachers who didn’t want to answer my question. She thought it was useless to answer me anyway coz I would never catch it.

And all I wanted was to catch up with the smarter kids. Hey, I wanted to be smart too.

Then, I wanted to show my other friends who had rich parents that I could be as good as they were. Or should I say, that I would enjoy the same good life that they were experiencing. If I didn’t have rich parents, I’d just create my own wealth. I’d go on vacation at places they went, drink the wine they could afford, etc.

How about Dad? You got it.

I want to prove to my Dad that I was doing the ‘right’ thing all the while. There were so many other people that I want to prove. But I think, the most important person that I want to prove to was… ME.

I want to prove to myself that despite my background, I CHAN still do it. I think that purpose was strong enough to move me to quit my job and go for it.

“So, what’s your purpose?”

Ask yourself why you’re doing this – trying to make money online.

Trust me, without a good motivator like a purpose, you can’t go far. Each time you get dirt kicked in your face, just remember your purpose. Then, you’ll ‘fight’ back to overcome whatever obstacles come your way. I think a stronger message I want to pass to you is..


There. You have it. Are there any other lessons I’ve missed out?

I think there’s another one. The internet is not biased. It doesn’t care how old you are, where you from, what’s your academic education level, who you mix with, what’s your race, etc. Anyone can make money online.

So I think you should take advantage of this if you think that you have a “weakness” in the offline world now. I’ve spent more than an hour to write this and the last thing I want to do is to throw a sales pitch for you to buy my product.

All I want is that you get the lessons out of this post.

Warm regards,



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