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You Will Earn RM 10 Per Book Sold And Also “Automated Income” of RM 40 For Each Upgrade!

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poloThe affiliate program allows you to make affiliate commissions (also known as referral commissions) whenever you have referred sales. With the International Player Book Affiliate Program, you’ll earn a whopping 50% commission per book sold!

And it’s an easy sale for you to start making some money. – as quickly as today. Why so?

You may realize the book was previously made available in the local bookstores for RM49.95.

But right now, we’re offering it at only RM19.95. That’s a whopping 60% discount!

On top of that, your customers would be getting 3 EXCLUSIVE BONUSES for buying online! You can read about the bonuses at

Therefore, with the better deal for your customers, the easier you’ll get the book sales.

To get started, just register yourself as an affiliate for free below and you’ll be given your unique affiliate link to promote.


Earn Automated Commission!

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”18″ font_font=”Trebuchet%20MS” font_color=”%234f4f4f” top_margin=”15″]Some of the book readers might also upgrade to purchase the video marketing training that is made available to the book readers. If they decide to upgrade, you will earn RM 40 per sale (the course sells for RM 77) on auto-pilot. So it can be very profitable for you by just recommending the book with others today!

Want more “free” income?

You’ll also earn 25% commission for each ticket of the Internet To Income 7 Seminar sold! We are not sure of how much the price of the ticket will be sold yet, but if your customers decided to buy their tickets after purchasing the book, you’ll also earn this “automated” commission! This is simply a very lucrative affiliate program for you to promote.[/text_block]

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